Bounce Pads are gameplay tools since LittleBigPlanet 2. They appear in some levels of the Story levels. When you jump on them, you get thrown into the air. While in the air, your Sackperson will do flips or spins. Bounce pads have faces on them that look similar to Sackboy's. As of September 2011, you can tweak Bounce Pads so you have to press X before it launches you these are commonly referred to as blue Bounce Pads.

The Bounce Pads are an improved version of the LBP1 bounce buttons which you have to make on your own. No matter what the gravity or weather you press 'X' just as you bounce, Bounce Pads always launch you to the same height. The launch height can be tweaked to smaller or larger heights.


  • Despite only appearing in the Move Pack, you can have blue Bounce Pads without the pack.