Wonder Woman vol. 2 #7 (August 1987)





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Custom Cheetah Voice

Cheetah is a villainous character from DC Comics. She appears in the DC Comics Premium Level Pack, along with Cyborg.


Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist, was searching an Urzkartaga temple in Africa with her expedition. They searched for two months before finding it. A witch doctor was leading them, but little did they know they weren't led to a city, but into a trap. Minerva managed to escape with one of her team members. Together, they snuck into the city and saw the captured team members sacrificed. Minerva was only interested in relics and felt nothing for the people of her team. The tribe was trying to reawaken the Cheetah, but the chosen one was shot by a group of men who wanted to destroy the Cult of Vine. When Chuma was facing imminent death, Minerva saved his life, but they were trapped inside the Urzkartaga temple. She was told the story of the Cheetah and the plant god Urzkartaga. Hearing it, she wanted the long life the Urzkartaga offered his bride. The teammate who managed to escape with Minerva the first time was still alive and used explosives to help Barbara out of the temple. She took the opportunity to slay him, thus making him a needed sacrifice to the plant god. Chuma prepared the ritual and she was transformed into Cheetah. She promptly killed all the temple attackers and ate their flesh. Back in England, she started to get weaker. It turned out that the bride of Urzkartaga needed to be a virgin, and Barbara was not. Now she was weak when she was human and strong only when she was Cheetah, and the only thing that could sustain her was flesh. She needed to turn into Cheetah on every full moon by putting on the cheetah skin and drinking the potion and was in pain between the moons.

Unlock Tip

Collect costume pieces of her at "The Watchtower" in DC Comics level pack.


  • Material: Cheetah Skin
  • Eyes: Cheetah Eyes
  • Hair: Cheetah Hair
  • Mouth: Cheetah Teeth
  • Feet: Cheetah Ankle Bracelet
  • Legs: Cheetah Loincloth
  • Hands: Cheetah Braclets
  • Neck: Cheetah Necklace


Her appearance is based on the New 52.