Da Vinci's Hideout is the first area of the story where you meet Larry Da Vinci after he saves you from being sucked up by the Negativitron. This area is based after the 15th century, specifically Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop.

Strategy Guide Description

Well, that was a close one. There's nothing like a rude awakening when traipsing about the heady confines of one's first experience in the Dreamscape, but that's precisely why the Negativitron must be stopped. Thankfully, your sack person got a little unexpected help from Larry Da Vinci (and the clearly heroic Avalon Centrifuge).

Being snatched from the jaws of a big purple-powered vortex doesn't grant one instant acceptance into The Alliance, though. No, for that your sack person must pass a series of tests. Ah, but there are no multiple-choice answers here. The Alliance requires learning by doing and in the process your sack person even acquires new and useful life skills, like using Bounce Pads and grappling hooks. This hero business looks to be quite fun.

Confused? Don't worry, there's a lot of help along the way-starting with Larry's-on a quest to brave Da Vinci's Hideout.



  1. Introduction
  2. Let's Get You Match Fit
  3. Rookie Test
  4. Grab and Swing
  5. Gripple Grapple
  6. Bravery Test
  7. Final Test


  • Hedge Hopping
  • Tower of Whoop
  • Block Drop
  • Super Block Drop (only unlocked after you complete Block Drop)


  • Da Vinci's Theme
  • Da Vinci's Tutorial Theme
  • Fifth of Beethoven
  • Desperate Romantics
  • Funk Odyssey


  • This zone was originally named "Techno Renaissance".