Marlon Random


LittleBigPlanet 3




Manglewood Movie Star and Director

Voiced by

Nolan North

Marlon Random is the creator curator of Manglewood in LittleBigPlanet 3.


The player encounters Marlon in Manglewood, who tells Sackboy that after the three heroes defeated the titans they got bored and lost their marbles. He, fortunately, knows where Oddsock's are, and assists the player in retrieving them, as well as supplying the player with the Blink Ball. After getting the marbles, he accompanies Sackboy into an old movie set, where they encounter Oddsock. After Sackboy is separated from them, Marlon assists Oddsock in getting them both out of the sticky situation. After the player defeats the green titan, Marlon appears to congratulate them, and sends them, via lift, to the Ziggurat.


He appears to have a Sackboy-like body with an old film reel for a head, with Elvis Presley themed hair.


He is, according to Nana Pud, bonkers, as he resides in the swamp, but it used to be Bunkum's most thriving film industry. As a result of this, Marlon believes his life is a movie, and everyone around him are his co-stars. This does not make him arrogant, however, as he gladly takes a co-starring role to let Sackboy and Oddsock take the spotlight.

Unlock Tip

Complete "Lights, Camera, Traction!" at Manglewood.


  • His name appears to be a reference to Marlon Brando, a famous actor, know for his role in the Godfather.
  • He appears to be the most active of all of the creators, as he actively assists the player in their mission instead of just following them around.