Meanies are the most common enemy force in LittleBigPlanet 2. They are presumably those of Victoria's Sackbots that were corrupted by the Negativitron. They resemble flaming red Sackbots with a single eye, two horns and an affinity for fire (some meanies have the normal sackbot color and some have an extra horn on their head). There are other types of Meanies that are more robotic in appearance. Robotic Meanies are first seen in The Factory of a Better Tomorrow. Sackbot Meanies are first seen in Avalonia, as pilots. Sackbot Meanies are also found trying to burn Eve's Asylum, where they show a vulnerability to her splashcannon. Meanies have used all three LBP2 powerups. Other Craftworld residents can be driven mad by Meaningitis, a disease that is presumably caught from Meanies.