Sumo Digital Ltd. is an independent game development studio based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Set up in 2003 following the closure of Infogrames Studios Sheffield/Gremlin Interactive. Sumo currently employs more than 270 development staff, many of whom had previously worked together at Infogrames and Gremlin.


The company was formed in 2003 by Carl Cavers, Paul Porter, Darren Mills and James North-Hearn, mostly former members of Gremlin. Carl Cavers joined Gremlin in 1995 as a Quality and Systems Manager, becoming Studio Manager in 1998. Paul Porter wrote the low-level code for the Broken Sword series on PC and PlayStation before joining Gremlin in 1997 to work in R&D. Darren Mills was a Cameraman and Editor for the BBC, ITV and Sky Sports before joining Gremlin in 1995 as Lead Artist, later becoming Studio Art Director at Infogrames Sheffield House. The Infogrames Sheffield Studio itself was originally Gremlin Interactive, prior to Infogrames acquiring the company in 1999.

On August 17, 2007, Sumo Digital was acquired by Foundation 9 Entertainment, and joined Foundation 9's collection of independent studios. However on November 11, 2014, the executive team completed a management buyout, gaining independence from Foundation 9 Entertainment.

Several staff members from now-defunct game studios Bizarre Creations and Black Rock Studio are confirmed to be working for Sumo Digital.

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