The Factory of a Better Tomorrow is the third area in LittleBigPlanet 2. It stars Clive Handforth, who Larry and Sackboy visit to try and develop a Sackbot army. In the first cutscene, Clive explains he used to create the most accurate calendars in the world, as well as big spaceships. The Negativitron left his area in ruins and scared the Sackbots, who in the first level flee from Sackboy. This area is based on the era between 1925-1945 with a prominent art style of Art Deco and Dada.

After Sackboy Visits

After Sackboy helps Clive, the Sackbot production is a complete success. In return, Clive builds a spaceship for Sackboy and supplies him with an army of Sackbots. He then comes with Sackboy to Avalonia.


  1. The Sad Song of Clive Handforth (Cutscene)
  2. Maximum Security
  3. Pipe Dreams
  4. Bang for Buck
  5. Waste Disposal
  6. Fowl Play
  7. I Told You We'd Make It (Cutscene)

Mini Games


  • The Factory of a Better Tomorrow IntMusic
  • Limehouse Blues
  • I Have Changed
  • Batteroo


  • The original name for this zone was "Neon Propaganda".
  • This and The Cosmos are the only worlds in LBP2 that are not named after their creator curators.