Ziggurat is the third location in LittleBigPlanet 3. This world was created by Papal Mache.

Creator Curator

Papal Mache is the creator curator of the Ziggurat. Marlon Random describes him as the chief of the Ziggurat, so this may describe his somewhat tribal way of speaking. He is very friendly towards Sackboy, as he wants to awaken Toggle as well. He is shown to be a bit scatter-brained, and easily forgets very important things. He is allergic to the local yeti, and asks the player to get him a souvenir hat from the next world if they have time.


The background for Ziggurat is a combination of spiritual temples and a winter wonderland. The background contains temples in the back, and a fence with lanterns in the front. By moving the background forward or back, the theme can be quite varied. Here both parts of the theme are pictured. It is likely based off of a mix between a Babalonian Ziggurat and the Moscow Kremlin. This is where the player unlocks Toggle by gaining his three marbles from a labyrinth, a rocket, and having the local Yeti obtain one from the furnace. This is also where Sackboy gains the hook-hat power-up. After gaining the marbles, the player and Papal proceed into Toggle's sacred temple. After Toggle demonstrates his abilities, the pulls down a chain to let the group out, but it breaks before Toggle or Papal can get out, so Toggle is forced to make his way through the temple and defeat the yellow titan.


  • Ziggurat Grand Hall (Hub)
  1. Furry Soles, Hot Coals
  2. Flip-Flopped Folios
  3. Go Loco
  4. Tutu Tango
  5. On The Link Of Disaster


  • Bear With Us - Challenge Room
  • No Drain No Gain - Challenge Room
  • Here, There and Everywhere - Challenge Room (2-Players)


The Ziggurat theme is featured in the Beta of LBP3, and is an interactive piece composed by Winifred Phillips. It features a calm theme, and vocals.