Zom Zom

Zom Zom The Far-Out is a shopkeeper of Zom Zom's Emporium.


Zom Zom appears to have a Eight Ball for a head, tilted sideways with dots in the eight holes for eyes. He wears a turban with a plastic jewel on it's face, and a cloths pin.


Zom Zom is a character you encounter multiple times in adventure mode. He runs a costume shop.

If you purchase five costumes from any Zom Zom's store in any themes, you'll get the special item, known as the Illuminator.

Each of the three stores initially carries 100 Collectibells worth of merchandise.

Unlock Costume Tip

Ace "Needlepoint Peaks" in LBP3.

Shop Locations

  1. . Manglewood: From Central spawn, go left & climb up, continue left, store is in upper left corner.
  2. . Ziggurat: From Central spawn, go left & slide down, head far left, climb up, store is at left edge.
  3. . Bunkum Lagoon: From Central spawn, go right & ascend platform, continue right, store is on right edge.